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Milk – good or bad?


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There are many publications on the milk and most of them are true and correct, however here are some secrets that are very little known and will make you think again:

1. The Secret of the hot milk: Milk has to be boiled first and consumed hot. Cold milk will cause allergies and create mucous (due to aggravating Kapha dosha). Most tests are done on cold milk… When milk is boiled in a non teflon, non aluminum pot all potentially harmful bacteria are killed. Heat the milk until it begins to rise and is bubbling vigorously, than let it settle and drink while still very hot (like a hot cup of coffee).

2. The secret of which milk is best: Cow’s milk is most beneficial and is the best option for all vegetarians to get their protein, calcium, iron and many more much needed nutritions. Goat’s milk is good too, but it is very astringent and will cause constipation if taken on daily basis.

3. The secret about mixing milk with fruits: Please don’t mix milk with fruits – this is incompatible combination and will cause build up of toxins (AMA) in the body. You can enjoy hot cup of milk with organic cocoa, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves or any other flavor of your choice. Just be cautious with the sour tasting spices as they may cause the milk to curdle in your stomach.

4. The Secret about lactose free milks: Soy milk, Rise milk and Almond milk are not a substitute to cow’s milk. Soy milk however has been linked with number of allergies and is blamed for the rise of Diabetes cases in the resent years.

For getting the most out of your hot milk drink please keep in mind that milk should not be mixed with:
*** Meat, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, sour foods and ice cream ***

Milk is best taken on its own with nice biscuit, cookie or as Indian tea (chai).

Hot cow’s milk is considered to be rejuvenative, rehydrating, mild laxative and mild aphrodisiac. It known for thousands of years to be the secret for long life and good health. If possible, milk is best consumed within few minutes after it was milked from the cow still fresh. Best tasting milk is boiled in a clay pot, but it is hard to clean and wash, so glass or cast iron pots are very good options as well as stainless steel.

Thank you for reading this post. Now, please enjoy your hot cup of milk…